Fancy a change of scene?

Can you spare a few hours a week?

Cwmdu  is looking for volunteers!

Now in its 11thyear, this little shop and post office has become an important and valued facility, serving an ever increasing area. Customers are assured of a welcoming and friendly service with a wide range of goods and services at affordable prices.

Here are some of the things you might do:


  • Prince Charles visited Cwmdu in 2009Shopping, pricing up goods and stocking shelves
  • Checking stock levels and preparing re-ordering lists
  • Serving customers and restocking shelves
  • Record keeping
  • Updating the web site and posting the latest deals on Facebook
  • Helping to spring clean the shop, bar and restaurant
  • Handling Post Office business (subject to approval by the Post Office)
  • Serving coffee and generally helping customers
  • Setting up and taking down tents for events
  • Mowing the grass

If you like meeting people and having some fun while helping in the community or gaining new skills,  then please contact either Pat or Tanya for an informal chat on 01558 685156, or come to our next Cymdeithas Cwmdu meeting.

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