The logo of Cymdeithas Cwmdu Cymdeithas Cwmdu is the community group set up in 2000 to maintain the special quality of the village, by sustaining the pub, shop and post office as valuable community facilities. We organise social events like the annual fete, boat race and apple day, as well as running Tafarn Cwmdu as a community enterprise. It’s not only the residents of Cwmdu who enjoy the facilities and the many activities that go on here, though. People from far afield enjoy what Cwmdu has to offer and we hope they will continue to do so for many years. If you use the shop and pub, or enjoy coming to our events, feel free to come to the monthly meetings of Cymdeithas Cwmdu and join in planning the next big thing! We generally meet on the 1st Thursday of the month, throughout the year. At these meetings you can here about or propose events to be held in the village or for the benefit of the local community. These events will generally be held in the pub, it’s garden or, thanks to the support of it’s owner,  the  field over the bridge.    The big tent at Cwmdu Fete 2010  

Three boat race observers on the Cwmdu bridge