Important Information – Coronavirus

Meetings and gatherings are restricted due to the requirements of Covid-19 regulations.
Some gatherings can continue to take place if the numbers are restricted and social distancing can be maintained.
Please check with the club / group coordinator to see if the event can take place

Folk night is cancelled until regulations change

It is classed as an event which is not yet permitted.
This cancellation also applies to the informal Cwmdu Singing group

The above information is correct at the time of entry but may be overridden at any time by Government advice. We will endeavour to update the website and Facebook as soon as any details change

Cymdeithas Cwmdu – first Thursday of every month 7pm/ 7:30pm 

Cymdeithas Cwmdu is the community group set up in 2000 to maintain the special quality of the village, by sustaining the pub, shop and post office as valuable community facilities. We organise social events like the annual fete, boat race and apple day, as well as running Tafarn Cwmdu as a community enterprise.  It’s not only the residents of Cwmdu who enjoy the facilities and the many activities that go on here, though. People from far afield enjoy what Cwmdu has to offer and we hope they will continue to do so for many years. If you use the shop and pub, or enjoy coming to our events, feel free to come to the monthly meetings and join in planning the next big thing!

Classic Club – second Thursday of every month 8pm

The Classic Club started from idle talk in the pub – always a dangerous thing! As you would expect in an agricultural area like Cwmdu, there are many people interested in old farm machinery, and in old or classic machines generally. The club is very informal: no membership fees or programme,  so why not come along and meet the enthusiasts?

Folk Club – first Friday of the month 8pm

Musicians playing at a folk night in Cwmdu Inn

On the first Friday of every month a group of local musicians gather to play and sing folk music. All the Celtic countries, England, and countries throughout Europe are visited during the course of an evening. Although there is a core of regular players, we are joined by a wide variety of welcome visitors who bring their own styles to the session.

By custom, one end of the room is available for those who simply wish to listen.

It may be that this mix of regulars, visitors and audience accounts for the remarkable longevity of the session which dates back to the reopening of the pub nearly 30 years ago. Check the What’s on page for the next session.

Cwmdu Singing – Last Monday of the month 7pm

An informal singing group organised by Clara Clay.

The group is relaxed and welcoming and has no expectations or judgements of prior musical or singing experience. Clara works from the premise that humans have been singing in community for longer than they’ve been telling themselves and each other that they ‘can’t sing’! And that’s not to say that we don’t make a wonderful sound together; she teaches everything by ear in short phrases so there’s space for it to sink in and piece together and before we knows it, against the odds, we do actually sound like we know what we’re doing! So everyone’s welcome who likes the sound of singing, even if you’ve been unhelpfully persuaded for many years that you sound terrible. Every session runs on a pay-what-you-can basis and there’s no obligation to come to every session. We meet in Cwmdu, a mile from the Talley – Llandeilo road, on the last Monday of the month. Check the Diary page for any changes.

Talley History Society

Old photo of the entrance to the garden at Cwmdu Inn The local history group has collected a huge archive of images and ephemera connected with the parish of Talyllychau. There are over 800 photographs comprising events that took place in the Parish from the late 1800’s to more recently. In 2018 tthe group uploaded much of the results of their work to the Peoples Collection Website.  It can be viewed at The Peoples Collection”. It is also intended that the material that has been collected since the group’s formation in 2003 will be passed onto the new Carmarthen Archive. Having transferred the results of their extensive research and documentation the people involved no longer meet as a formal group.