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Date(s) - 14/07/2024
10:30 am - 3:00 pm

Cwmdu Inn

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Community Health Expo

    14  Jul 2024

Community health Expo - 14th July details

What’s the event

A free health screening including tests, demonstrations and information run by professionals and community volunteers

The services offered , which are not always readily available to all from local GPs or hospitals, include:

  1. Blood sugar test (finger Prick) – and handouts on information on how to prevent and reverse some metabolic conditions.
  2. Body Mass Index – we will check height, weight, body fat, body water and give handouts on the ideal height weight proportions and how to attain it.
  3. Harvard Step test – a single 1 foot height step to climb and de-climb for 60 seconds and handouts on the various exercises that can be adapted.
  4. Blood pressure check – Pre and post exercise and oxygen content check and pulse checked – will give handouts on how to lower blood pressure naturally.
  5. Water & Hydrotherapy – A demo and explanation of how to treat simple ailments using water and the benefits of water in general. Handouts will be given.
  6. Massage – We have equipment to do shoulder massage, back massage and sole acupressure. Handouts on relieving stress naturally.
  7. Lung Function Test – will be using peak flow meter to assess the lung capacity of the individual. Handouts will be given on natural remedies for breathing issues.
  8. Basic Counselling and recommendation – present individuals with options for naturally simple remedies based on laws of nature where needed and suggest to see GP if needed.

There will also be plant based cookery demonstrations from Golden Palms Cookery School along with a selection of food available for sale.