Richard’s Quiz for new Year 2020-21

Whilst our regular quiz has been cancelled over the past months Richard has, each week, prepared a shortened pub quiz for you do at home, amongst the householders or in virtual meetup challenges.

Round 1

Match the following places to these places celebrating new year – Amsterdam Athens, Barcelona, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Havana, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Lisbon, London, Miami, Moscow, New York ,Nuuk, Oslo, Paris, Reykjavik, Rio , Rome ,Sydney, Valparaiso, Venice, Vienna , Wellington

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Round 2

1 As of 2000 what is 0.86 m higher than previously calculated?

2 Which 3 multinational food and beverage companies were named the top plastic polluters in 2020 for 3rd year in a row (1 for each)?

3 In Feb 2020 which small European country became the 1st in the world to make the use of public transport free?

4 2021 is the Chinese year of the what

5 Who wrote Auld Lang Syne?

6 In which country do people wear red underwear for good luck and the future at New Year?

7 January was named after which Roman god ?

8 Name the new James Bond film still to be released?

9 Which pop star has made history by having a No1 album in 5 decades?

10 Name the TV presenter a renowned quizzer whose 2020 crime thriller was recently bought by Stephen Spielberg?

11 In Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter has his first kiss with who ?

12 Which footballer campaigned for free school meals to be extended in 2020?

13 Where did Dominic Cummings drive to have his eyes tested?

14 Which country sent an unnamed space ship to the moon in 2020?

15 Who replaced Sandy Toksvig as a presenter on the Great British Bake Off ?

16 In which film did Sean Connery win his only Oscar?

17 Where did the Queen and Prince Philip spend most of 2020?

18 Which 8 members of the Royal Family make up the Queen’s ‘New Firm’ of Senior Royals (1 for each)?

19 During her April special address, the Queen references a wartime song. What is it called?

20 Who did Obama endorse for President?

21 In 2020 Swarms of which bug destroyed crops across East Africa?

22 Two members of the Royal Family stepped down from their roles: What were their official titles?

23 In order to cope with the coronavirus pandemic a new temporary hospital was built in London. What was it called?

24 Which Formula One driver matched Michael Schumacher’s record of single circuit wins after winning his eighth Hungarian Grand Prix?

25 What digital platform did Trump claim seven times that he was going to ban?

26 Where were the Olympics supposed to be held in 2020?

Round 3

1) What is the capital of Chile?

2) What is the highest mountain in Britain?

3) What is the smallest country in the world?

4) Alberta is a province of which country?

5) What did the Romans call Scotland?

6) Which is the only vowel not used as the first letter in a US State?

7) What is the largest country in the world?

8) Where would you find the River Thames?

9) What is the hottest continent on Earth?

10) What is the longest river in the world?

11) Who was made Lord Mayor of London In 1397, 1398, 1406 And 1419?

12) Which nationality was the polar explorer Roald Amundsen?

13) Who was Henry VIIIs last wife?

14) Which English explorer was executed in 1618, fifteen year after being found guilty of conspiracy against King James I of England and VI of Scotland?

15) The first successful vaccine was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1796. Which disease did it guard against?

16) Which nuts are used in marzipan?

17) What is Japanese sake made from?

18) What is the chemical formula for Table Salt?

19) Which singer has the most UK Number One singles ever?

20) Who is the only musician ever to have been awarded the Nobel prize for literature?

Round 4 True or False

1) The Channel Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the world

2) A woman has walked on the Moon

3) According to Scottish law, it is illegal to be drunk in charge of a cow

4) Vietnamese is an official language in Canada

5) The setting for the ITV drama Midsomer Murders is a fictional English county called Midsomer

6) An emu can fly

) President Theodore Roosevelt’s son was called Kermit

8) Edinburgh is further East than Carlisle

) The can-opener was not invented until 45 years after the tin can

10) There are McDonald’s one every continent except one

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