Cwmdu Community Survey

We’re reviewing our understanding of what benefits people obtain from the Community and what they want from our Community Enterprise.  In order to consult with as many people as possible we have prepared and distributed a Questionnaire. Distribution has been via the shop, post office and pub / restaurant along with a few initiatives to deliver copies to households in some ares. In order to widen the Survey  reach an on-line Questionnaire has been prepared. Your views are very important to us and we would like you to tell us your opinions and views. Notes on the survey:
  • Important – Please “scroll” to the top of the screen after each new page
  • One submission per person on paper or on-line please. As there is no ‘scoring’ or winning multiple entries will not affect our , or your, result.
  • If there is  more than one person (12 years or over) in  your household or using the computer then please do ask each one to complete a survey.
  • There are 5 pages, it seems a lot but it seemed the best way to make for easy reading.
  • Page 4 has a lot of options but it is an important page.
  • The questions themselves are, hopefully, straight forward with options to click answer or choose from a “drop-down” list.
  • There are very few questions where we do ask you to respond but please do consider each question.
  • Please will you complete your questionnaire by the 18th February 2020.
  To take part in the Survey, if you have not already done so please click below:

Take Part in the 2020 Survey