Tippitt – Welsh Pub Game

Of recent times Tippit is played in the Cwmdu Inn on arranged Tippit Nights, the most recent being the 8th Nov. 2019, whilst traditionally games would strike up whenever a few players / customers decided.
According to our experts and Wikipedia “the point of the game is that the team hiding the Tippit wants to make the opposing team guess the wrong fist. The game gets very tactical particularly in choosing in which hand to place the Tippit and particularly skilful players play like good poker players, hiding their emotions or even trying to mislead their opponents using facial gestures, body language and verbal banter”.
A game consists of 2 teams of 3 players sitting opposite one another with a table between. A coin is tossed to determine who will start. The starting team will then take the Tippit, a small button or coin, and pass it between their hands, unseen, below the table (or the team captain may place it is on of the teams hands. Simultaneously all three places raise their hands and place their clenched fists on the table. It is now down to the opposition to determine in which hand the Tippit is. A searching player indicates a hand of a hider and can either:
  • say “away”, in which case the hider will remove their hand unless it contains the Tippit. If it does contain the Tippett then the hiders have won the point. If it was empty then the searcher has another go.
  • say “Tippit”, if the indicated hand contains the Tippit then the searchers have won the point and the th e searchers team become the hiders.
Points are scored when an incorrect guess is made. The points are recorded on a cribbage style board and a game may be first to 15, 21 or any other agreed number. For a few pointers check out the video – sorry smoking not allowed! Locally we understand that the game was very popular in some of the pubs in the Cothi valley, Abergorlech and Brechfa.


Tippit revealed

Tippit Revealed