Richard’s Community Fun “Pub Quiz” – Week 13

Whilst our regular quiz is cancelled this shortened pub quiz is for you do at home, amongst the householders or in virtual meetup challenges.

Round 1 – Name the following- (real names in the case of the ladies)

WQ WK13-01

1 (film)

WQ WK13-02


WQ WK13-03


WQ WK13- 4


WQ WK13-05


WQ WK13-06


WQ WK13-07 8 and 9

7, 8 and 9

WQ WK13-10


WQ WK13-11


WQ WK13-12


WQ WK13-13


WQ WK13-14


WQ WK13-15


WQ WK13-16


WQ WK13-17


WQ WK13-18


WQ WK13-19


WQ WK13-20


WQ WK13-21



Round 2

  • Top ten countries with most popular cuisines 
  • Top ten tree names in U.K. Addresses

Round 3 General Knowledge

1. Celestial body in the constellation Canis Major, also called the dog star.

2. In Islam the Muslim name for god

3. Airy spirit in William Shakespeare play The Tempest

4. You walked into a room and saw a bed. On the bed there were 2 dogs, 4 cats, a giraffe, 5 cows and a duck. There were also 3 chickens flying above the chair.
  How many legs are on the floor?

5. You entered a room of 69 people. A shooter then enters killing 60. How many people are left in the room?

6. German submarine in world wars 1&2

7. European bird with a deeply forked tail with a reddish brown body

8. Body of water bounded by the Americas, Africa and Europe

9. Process of printing fabric in which parts not to be dyed are covered in wax

10. Andrew who actor who played Manuel in BBC tv sitcom Fawlty Towers

11. Yellowish brown hard translucent fossil res

in used for jewellery

12. What is the most eaten food in the world?

13. Name an instrument that starts with the letter x

14. Which is heavier gold or silver

15 Ndjamena is the capital of which African Republic?

16 The name of the 1869 clipper ship in dry dock at Greenwich since 1954

17 British violinist whose London debut was in 1977

18 Snooker player,2003 UK championship winner, Mathew ….?

19 Capital of Paraguay

20 Main port and commercial capital of Yemen

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