Richard’s Community Fun “Pub Quiz” – Week 27

This month sees the return of Richard’s friendly ‘pub quiz’. It will be held in the garden at the Cwmdu Inn and social distancing and measures to keep you, the staff and volunteers safe.

Whilst our regular quiz has been cancelled over the past months Richard has, each week, prepared a shortened pub quiz for you do at home, amongst the householders or in virtual meetup challenges.

Round 1 – Name the Countries & then the Flags

weekly Pub Quiz 27-C01


weekly Pub Quiz 27-C02


weekly Pub Quiz 27-C03


weekly Pub Quiz 27-C04


weekly Pub Quiz 27-C05


weekly Pub Quiz 27-C06


weekly Pub Quiz 27-C07


weekly Pub Quiz 27-C08


Part 2 – name the Flags 
weekly Pub Quiz 27-F01


weekly Pub Quiz 27-F02


weekly Pub Quiz 27-F03


weekly Pub Quiz 27-F04


weekly Pub Quiz 27-F05


weekly Pub Quiz 27-F06


weekly Pub Quiz 27-F07


weekly Pub Quiz 27-F08


weekly Pub Quiz 27-F09




Round 2

  • Name the 10 fruits in Tropicana 100% pure fruit juices
    [10 fruits other than oranges that are listed as flavours of 100% pure fruit juices on the website as of 18 March 2018.]
  • • Name the top 10 craft beer-producing countries
    [Based on the number of companies producing craft beer according to a survey in Brewers Journal in 2018.]


Round 3 General Knowledge

Q1 In the Bible, what were the names of Noah`s three sons?

Q2 Which radio DJ wrote the autobiography `My Tune`?

Q3 Who first argued that the world was not flat?

Q4 Who was the first American President to be assassinated?

Q5 The country of Siam was renamed to what in 1939?

Q6 Which character from the Popeye cartoon liked eating hamburgers?

Q7 From which country does the game of mah-jong originate?

Q8 Which element has the chemical symbol Cu?

Q9 What is theophobia the fear of?

Q10 Do rattlesnakes lay eggs or have live babies?

Q11 Who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe?

Q12 What colour is the centre of an archery target?

Q13 In horse racing, which three racecourses stage the five English `classics`?

Q14 What is ornithophobia the fear of?

Q15 Which of the Bronte sisters wrote the novels `Agnes Gray` and `The Tenant Of Windfell Hall?

Q16 In the TV comedy series `Steptoe and Son`, what was the name of Steptoe`s horse?

Q17 Why was Louise Brown famous in 1978?

Q18 Which two countries are linked by the Khyber pass?

Q19 The name of which commonly used house-hold object comes from the Latin word meaning `admire` or `to wonder at`?

Q20 Which childrens TV series is set in Pontypandy?



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