Richard’s Community Fun “Pub Quiz” – Week 30

Whilst our regular quiz has been cancelled over the past months Richard has, each week, prepared a shortened pub quiz for you do at home, amongst the householders or in virtual meetup challenges.

Round 1 – Name the National Trust places in Wales (1-9) and the Cathedrals / Minsters in England & Wales (10-18)

Weekly Pub Quiz 30-01


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Weekly Pub Quiz 30-03


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Weekly Pub Quiz 30-18



Round 2

  • Name the 10 British horse racing courses beginning with ‘A’ or ‘C’
    [Includes flat, jump and flat and jump race-courses; according to the official website of The Racecourse Association as of April 2019.]
  • Name the first 10 one-word countries alphabetically after Nigeria that end with the letter ‘A’
    [Help: The last one begins with ‘S’]


Round 3 General Knowledge

1 The word paprika means what in Hungarian?

2 Joan Collins played Alexis Carrington in which US soap?

3 The Americas Cup is a competition in which sport?

4 Elton John’s 1976 hit ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ featured which singer?

5 The word carpal refers to bones in which part of the body?

6 Which country has the international vehicle registration letters TR?

7 What is the name of the building that serves as the seat of the German Parliament?

8 Phobos and Deimos are moons of which planet?

9 Which country is the worlds top coffee producer?

10 The road sign with a white rectangle and a red circle background means what?

11 Name the only PM of UK to be assassinated?

12 New Orleans international airport is named after which jazz singer?

13 The Taj Mahal is in which city?

14 Compounds of which element have been used for centuries to impart a blue colour to glazed ceramics?

15 Which record producer who died in 2016 was referred to as the fifth Beatle?

16 What is the general name for a male voice between tenor and bass?

17 Eliza Doolittle is the lead character in which 1964 film?

18 The granite city is a nickname for which Scottish city?

19 Who served as Prime Minister 4 times in the 19th century?

20 The longest man made waterway is in which continent?




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