Richard’s Community Fun “Pub Quiz” – Week 30

Whilst our regular quiz has been cancelled over the past months Richard has, each week, prepared a shortened pub quiz for you do at home, amongst the householders or in virtual meetup challenges.

Round 1 Match the following brands with the pictures; Snickers, Wispa, Lion bar, Toffee Crisp, Bounty, Mars, Twix, Mint Aero, Crunchie, Flake, Double Decker, Boost

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Round 2

  • Top 10 sea fish sold in the UK
    [In the year up to 7 October according to a report by the Industry body Sea Fish.]
  • The 10 countries that won five or more gold medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics


Round 3 General Knowledge

1 Which Charles Dickens novel has the alternative title The Parish Boy’s Progress?

2 The Matterhorn straddles which 2 countries?

3 In 2016 which BBC breakfast presenter left after15 years in the role?

4 In the medical abbreviation CPR was does the ‘P’ represent?

5 In tennis what is the max. number of sets in a mens grand slam match?

6 In a play by Shakespeare which king says ‘ A horse a horse my kingdom for a horse’ ?

7 Who was the first catholic to be US president?

8 What is the answer if you add a score to a dozen?

9 The hunch back of Notre Dame was also known as?

10 Which chemical element has the symbol k?

11 What weapon is wielded by Norse god Thor?

12 Which ‘bear of little brain’ was the most famous creation of AA Milne?

13 What is the letter value of the Q tile in Scrabble?

14 The headquarters of Interpol is in which French City?

15 Orangutans are native to which 2 islands?

16 Which animal is regarded as the largest land predator in the world?

17 Who read their story ‘The old man of Lochnagar’ on Jackanory?

18 The name of which German car manufacturer translates to people’s car?

19 Which Vietnamese city was previously called Saigon?

20 Sherwood forest the legendary home of Robin Hood lies entirely in which county?




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