Richard’s Community Fun Quiz Week 4

Round 1 – Name the creature in the picture

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WQ Wk4-2


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WQ Wk4-16



Round 2

1. Name the first 10 states of the U.S.A., alphabetically, and with more than 11 letters



2. Name the Top Ten wine consuming countries



Round 3


1. What continent is sometimes known as the dark continent?


2. Which famous actor anonymously entered a look a like competition for himself in Monaco and came third?


3. In which Shakespeare play is the line “to be or not to be”?


4. Who wrote The Old Man of Lochnagar?


5. What sign of the zodiac is represented by twins?


6. Which famous book written by Herman Melville opens with the line “Call me Ishmael”?


7. Which Dire Straits album was the best selling in the 1980’s ?


8. In which century did the first successful parachute jump take place?


9. Which type of material was first manufactured in France at Nimes where it got it’s name?


10. Which singer starred in the film Desperately Seeking Susan?


11. What was the first product advertised on British TV?


12. Which animal do you associate with the start of a film by MGM?


13. Which human invention was first to break the speed of sound?


14. “Freeze the balls on a brass monkey” – What is a brass monkey?


15. Once in a Blue Moon but what is a Blue Moon?


16. Which famous historical person rode Black Bess?


17. Comic hero Roy of the Rovers, what is his surname?


18. Chemical symbol for hydrogen?


19. Which gas is the major content of the air we breathe?


20. When women first had the vote in 1918 how old did they have to be?


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