Richard’s Community Fun Quiz for 23rd March 2020

Round 1 – Name These Trees

Tree 1 for Weekly Quiz 1

Tree 2

Tree 3

Tree 4


Tree 5


Tree 6


Tree 7


Tree 8


Tree 9


Tree 10


Tree 11


Tree 12


Tree 13


Tree 14


Tree 15


Round 2

Name the top ten Welsh surnames



Name the top ten HERBS, FRUIT and VEG that are HOME GROWN and begin with the LETTER P



Round 3

1. WHAT LINKS: Bob Dole, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, John Kerry and John MCain


2. Which word can link: ‘builder’, ‘conscious’ and ‘bag’?


3. What links: Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson?


4. What links the words: ‘sun’, ‘birth’ and ‘independence’?


5. What links: ‘Napoleon’, ‘Morello’ and ‘North Star’?


6. Clout, Lost Head, Box and French are all types of what?


7. What do Glastonbury, Caquetoire and an Elizabeth X have in common?


8. What do Trees,Elephants and Cars all have in common?..


9. Hawaiian, Fruit and Uppercut. What do these three words have in common?


10. A stereo, a rock band and a lecture. What do these three things have in common?


11. boomslang, puff adder and black mamba are what


12. What links: oyster and lion’s mane


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