Question 12 provided space for additional comments on the survey

The results were:  
  Good job guys! Keep it going!  
  Village hall should be used more for activities. Sunday lunches. Lunches available  
  Open shop at 9:00 to catch traffic going out in morning  
  Open the shop for longer  
  I am new to the area and have only really started to get into the community. I really appreciate village / community spirit
  A great place with a lovely community  
  It’s unique. A real treasure with no flashing lights, T.V’s or gaming machines  
  Cwmdu community offers a unique social experience which used to be common in the past. These community projects are a valuable assett to the area at large.  
  They are brilliant  
  The Cwmdu Inn is a vital part of the area and community, we cannot lose it.  
  I would love to see a regular night such as ‘Pie and pint’ or ‘Curry and Pint’ in addition to Saturday Restaurant  
  80’s Music evening / Music evenings  
  80’s Nights | The Cwmdu Community is a rural entity which is wide & spread. The facilities of the pub / shop / post office acta as a local point and centre of contacyt that brings the otherwise speadout community its contact with each other. This place is a ‘gold mine’ that underpins the meaning of community  
  More music events or just music in general mqybe karaoke ora night where normal ‘pub music’ can be played  
  Please don’t hurt Cwmdu  
  Would like a bigger shop  
  IThe restaurant, bar, shop & P.O. provide a valuable resource to the local community. All aspects are dependent on each other i.e. the shop couldn’t exist without the pub and restaurant & vice versa.  
  II’d like to say thank you for the updates from the cwmdu mailing list, they are much appreciated.  
  Continue to provide the high quality affordable food which as a community is extremely valuable  
  Love the food events but wish there were more  
  To continue making fiull use of the facilities. Shop to open a little longer  
  Carry on as to-day. Perhaps have more community meals  
  It’s the only thing in walking distance  
  Sell alcohol in the shop to increase revenue (apply for a change in premises licence.)  
  Cwmdu is a community hub a real gem in the countryside, and a lifeline for me  
  Sunday PM opening of pub in summer may be a way of attracting ‘passing’ trade  
  This community is unique, with such a diverse range of people & skills which always come in to their for when we do community events, from cooking skills, electrician, carpenters, musicians, everyone just mucks in helps whi make events & community gatherings such fun & memorable times. I have lived in rural communities all my life and never come across such a friendly community. Everyone here helps each othetr, whether it is for a chat to support you when having a hard time or giving advice how to do something, or lending toos to complete a job. I would never want to live anywhere else.  
  In my opinion there is confusion with what is ‘enterprise’ and what is ‘community’. The needs of the ‘enterprise’ are somewhat different to the needs of a vibrant community, but there is of course interconnection. Both need addresssing seperately in my view.  
  In my opinion there is confusion with what is ‘enterprise’ and what is ‘community’. The needs of the ‘enterprise’ are somewhat different to the needs of a vibrant community, but there is of course interconnection. Both need addresssing seperately in my view.ot many place would hire me at my age but they did and it really helped me  
  So few places like Cwmdu – in future we may get to the point wher we’ll need to rely on this place rather than just ‘play’ with it or consider it ‘nice’ rather than ‘essential’/ every car that whizzes past is full od people with better / more urgent/ important things to do than take 15 minute sto stop, appreciate and support the place – why?  
  Great place to live and a need to appreciate what we have – encourage more people in the wider and close villages to belong and partake in keeping Cwmdu alive  
  Pay point in P.O. shop for electric cards | Thank you for all your effort  
  Open shop / p.o. for 1 afternoon a week. Thu or Friday instead of morning. 1:00 – 5:00 would be better  
  I have only been in Cwmdu a short while. My wife is jpining me soon as we have moved from France and it has aken more time than we thought to get everyone over here. Unfortunately I have not much time to join un the activities and facilities. But will definately be participating in these during 2020. What I like about Cwmdu Shop and P.O. is that thet are extremely convenoient and saves me long journeys to towns.  
  When looking to buy a house in Wales the obvious community spirit in Cwmdu was a big influence in choosing to live here. You feel like you beloing to the community which offers great support when needed.  
  I consider the village is very lucky to have such a lovely community and facilities.  
  As a person with anxiety and finding it hard to take the first leap to join in. Matbe a buddy oe a “Come and Meet” coffee morning would be good. I would love to join in / volunteer but shyness stops me.  
  Mae rhaid cadw’r cwmdu yn fyw y hefel anyfhae y Cymru r iaiph Cymraig  
  I really like it and it would be very sad if it closed down. I benefit a lot from cwmdu  
  Everyone in cwmdu and surrounding areas are really helpful and very friendly! Keep up the good work guys.  
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