Question 9 provided space for additional comments to understand how losing facilities in Cwmdu would affect the persons life.

The results were:  
2035 A much valued addition to local life 
2069 Affordable great food in good atmosphere. What a loss. Need for travelling miles for things I used to get locally. Use of banking facilities *Banks non existent now) 
2075 Because of what we have in Cwmdu is wonderful 
2011 Because would lose all of items in number 6 
2036 Being relatively new to the area the shop and post office has been a massive help to integrating into the Community 
2044 Community Connections 
2038 Cwmdu and the community events are a huge highlight of my calendar. I always brag about it and bring people here to show of 
2002 Cwmdu gives me events and time filling things to do in my life which makes it worthwhile 
2013 Cwmdu Inn is a great place and an asset to the community 
2101 I do most of my food shopping in Cwmdu shop 
2031 I don’t live in area just come to Smallholders occasionally 
2039 I only get to Cwmdu occasionally when visiting friends local to here 
2049 I will be losing a very convenient shop & post office 
2071 I would miss greatly the shop and restaurant and friendly sociable community hub 
2068 If the kitchen were unavailable I think many events & regular social events may not go ahead. I would not be as connected to my local community which are often the only people I have contact with. 
2041 I’m au pair so Cwmdu is a special place to meet people, talking space. It is important place to practice and have fun. 
2066 It is a vital hub in a rural community 
2058 it is an essential part of the tafen(??) 
2009 It would be devastating to get rid of the only real epicentre of the village 
2014 It would be like a person without a soul. Theses facilities create the heart of Cwmdu 
2017 It’s an important part of my life 
2054 It’s the only thing in walking distance 
2040 Losing theses facilities would effect the heart and soul of the community. People would lose the hub these facilities provide
2024 Lovely sense of community . Cwmdu has helped by volunteering on Saturday night meals which is nice social and brings good life skills. It also very handy to have a local shop & post office etc. as it far to go to other places. 
2003 Lovely to have shop and a chat 
2057 Made socialising and being part of the community possible 
2052 No other pub or shop for 7 miles except for Cwmdu 
2042 Not many place would hire me at my age but they did and it really helped me 
2085 Not sure I understand the options. Losing the facilities…. Pub would seriously my life in Cwmdu 
2067 Predict a fairly rapid dilution of community benefits and possible near loss of community 
2070 Reason for moving here 
2072 The Cwmdu inn is the hub of all of the activities in Cwmdu and if it was lost it would have a detrimental impact on the local villagers 
2077 The kitchen is used for all our events, whether for making teas for events, events for walking groups or the restaurant night, major events; Beer Festival, apple day. Losing the kitchen would seriously impact these events. It brings people together and creates joy & happiness 
2063 The social heart of the community. I know I can always get to a shop if the weather turns bad. Plenty of new activities for meet to meet new people and socialise 
2051 The village would be dead without all the facilities available and I consider we are very lucky to have them. 
2080 There would be no community hub without the Cwmdu Inn 
2050 We are moving to Cwmdu and the one point we like is the community spirit. 
2082 We have only been here a few months but the community spirit centred around the Cwmdu Inn was a big factor in why we chose to move here 
2074 We live in Talley we have … Cwmdu is ar nearest 
2029 We moved to Cwmdu specifically because of the pub, shop & post office and the community events held 
2073 We would very much like to be a part of the community and use the services available. Unfortunately the opening hours of the shop and post office clash with our work hours. But if we were able to use them we would 
2102 Would be really rubbish if any facilities were lost 
2037 would feel saddened as have always had theses services through childhood enjoy socialising with friends 
2008 Would miss the whole community atmosphere which isn’t available elsewhere 
2084 Yn nalloc Coleed/ Very difficult ? 
2086 We value all that goes on at Cwmdu great to see so many people coming together in different situations.